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Customizable solutions designed for substance abuse and behavioral health centers

Why use multiple systems when you can use one?

We have eliminated the headace of multiple platforms. Our All-In-One system reduces your need to look elsewhere to gather analytics, track leads, and follow your client's journey from admit to alumni. We have designed a feature packed powerhouse to help you get back to helping your client's.

Our user friendly, easy to learn design makes transitioning to our platform a breeze. We have extensive customization possibilities to allow you to control what your center uses for your day to day needs.

Call us today to learn more and get your center's documentation and flow under control.Looking for quality software consulting services in ? Look no further than The Tree !

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  • customizable templates 3.png

    Just starting out? Have new requirments? We have a template for you. Dont stress about all the forms and documentation requirements you need, we can customize and create any form for your center.

  • medication management 1.png

    Log, administer, sign-off and record client’s prescribed and OTC medications all in one easy to use location. (Simple management settings included to refine your use of charting or administering.) Check for refills, audit pill counts, and keep track of medication history records with ease.

  • form builder 2.png

    Easy to use, dynamic, custom Form Builder. You can build, create, edit or duplicate any template or form in minutes. We allow you to take control of your center’s documentation needs.

  • report generator 4.png

    If you collect it, we can report on it. In addition to our standard analytics, we can easily gather any demographics you need to help you center succeed.

  • file uploader 5.png

    Drag and drop, easy to use, File Uploader located in the back of every client’s file. Helping you keep track of miscellaneous forms or outside client needs with a few simple clicks.

  • group quick add creater 6.png

    Last minute group curriculum change? Last minute group time change? Last minute group leader change? No problem. There is a custom Group Quick Add Creator designed to initiate a group in seconds, allowing you to alter the roster, curriculum, time and leader in a few steps.

  • group note quick access documentation 7.png

    Simple to use Group Note Quick Access Documentation. Allows facilitators to easily document on any group from their home page.

  • dual view documentation capabilities 8.png

    Need to reference an old note while you document on a new note? Done! Our unique Dual View Documentation area allows you to set the stage for all of your documentation needs. Scroll throughout their entire history on one side, while maneuvering your new note on the other.

  • admin audit trail 9.png

    Keep track of all of your user activity. Keeping your sanity and allowing you to stay on top of your staff’s efficiency and accuracy.

  • client level of care timeline 10.png

    Every client is tracked, every step of the way. Easily view their Level of Care Timeline to see exactly when they moved through each stage of treatment. Also tracking clinical hours completed to ensure you are meeting each level of care.

  • company wide permission settings 11.png

    Putting control at your fingertips. Numerous custom settings that allow you to enable or disable your staff level of use throughout the entire system. Peace of mind knowing your staff can only see the amount of a chart you want them to see.

  • group curriculum library 12.png

    Load in group curriculum for quick group creation and rotation. Our Group Curriculum Library stores and schedules extensive group curriculum so you never have to scramble to decide what group you’re going to host.

  • unnamed copy.png

    Provide your client's with a HIPAA complient aftercare tool. Create custom surveys, track their sobriety, send custom quotes or announcments, internal HIPAA complient chat feature, journal activities and resource library. Your alumni will have access to a quick "help now" link to guide them back to safety if they are in need of your services again.

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Our team brings extensive professional experience to assist treatment centers with their diverse needs. Our passion for helping our clients is what unites us. Combined we have over two decades of experience in the Substance Abuse Industry. We can't wait to work with you!

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